Information about your trip

We are closely monitoring the most up-to-date information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization on new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) and following the guidelines of these agencies and local health departments.


The well-being of our guests and associates is of paramount importance.

Our commitment to cleanliness

Hygiene advice

Porto de Galinhas Praia Hotel recently created a hygiene manual made up of internal and external specialists in food and water safety, hygiene and infection prevention and hotel operations. Together, we will work to develop a new generation of global hospitality cleaning standards, norms and behaviors.

The new standards will be designed to minimize risks and increase the safety of guests at our Hotel.

New cleaning technologies

We initiated plans to implement improved technologies in our Hotel, including sprayers that allow non-contact disinfection features. The magnetically charged droplets produced by the sprayers look for and coat areas of difficult access and surfaces normally lost in standard cleaning processes.

Changes to the cleaning regime

When guests check in to our Hotel in the coming months, they will notice several additions, designed to set an even higher standard of cleanliness .

Specific areas of focus include:

Surface areas: In public spaces, we incorporate more stringent cleaning protocols, requiring that surfaces be treated with hospital-level disinfectants and that this cleaning be done more frequently. In the bedrooms, we also added detailed cleaning practices, requiring that all surfaces be thoroughly cleaned with specialized disinfectants to combat the pandemic.

Guest contact : To help alleviate the risk of COVID-19 transmission through person-to-person contact, Porto de Galinhas Praia Hotel will use signs in its lobbies to remind guests to maintain social distance protocols, there is also the possibility rearrange the furniture throughout our hotel to allow more space for social detachment. We plan to add queues to provide an extra level of precaution for our guests and associates. We will make masks and gloves available to our employees to minimize direct contact with all our guests and we will also see hand hygiene stations throughout our property.

In addition, our guests can choose to use their phones to check in and access their rooms.

Food Security:

At Porto de Galinhas Praia Hotel, food handlers and supervisors are trained in safe food preparation and service practices. Food and beverage operations are required to carry out self-inspection using their food safety standards as guidelines, and compliance is validated by independent audits. Porto de Galinhas Praia Hotel is also improving sanitation guidelines and training videos for our employees that include hygiene and disinfection practices.

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